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Whether you’re new to contracting or are looking to switch from another umbrella solution, you’ll enjoy an unbeatable service provided by a team of contracting experts when you join Aequus Umbrella Solutions.

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Here at Aequus Umbrella, we understand that the responsibilities of being an employer can be overwhelming. Our friendly and dedicated staff are available to assist and guide you throughout the payroll process saving you time and headaches. Our payroll service will handle all payroll requirements such as payslips, HMRC submissions, tax codes, employer records, reports and more. As a payroll provider we will act as your agent to correspond with HMRC regarding all of your tax and NI contributions.





Aequus – Compliant In All Languages

Aequus Umbrella Solutions provides 25 years of industry knowledge and experience, that allows us to give a simple and efficient solution.

Uncertainty around IR35 in public and private sectors has caused unease in the recruitment industry. Aequus Umbrella Solutions can offer a compliant and affordable alternative to PSC/Ltd company models with our straight no expenses umbrella model.

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